• The Boniuk Foundation & Chicken Soup for the Soul Launch New Initiative to Promote Tolerance, Compassion and Respect

    Through a joint initiative with Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Boniuk Foundation has published a series of books for children, teens, and adults. Using these books, we have developed a multifaceted program to promote tolerance, respect and compassion as an antidote to bullying and to create more socially aware and empathetic communities. We have created anti-bullying lesson plans and materials for use in the classroom; we have developed television programming focused on using storytelling to promote our mission; we are also creating social media outlets that disseminate pro-tolerance content on a daily basis. All this is being done with the goal to create a robust program for children, their parents, and their teachers—a program where these issues not only are spoken about in school, but also are seen when turning on the television, phone or computer.


    For more information about The Boniuk Foundation’s programs with Chicken Soup for the Soul, visit www.chickensoup.com. Click here to view the complete list of books.

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