• Books for Parents Written by Brooke Summers-Perry

    Brooke Summers-Perry

    Made of Stardust

    This book introduces kids to our interconnectedness and unity.








    I am with you by Brooke Summers-PerryI am With You: In All You Feel and Need

    This picture book explores a variety of feelings and values that young children experience. Hopefully the story will build vocabulary, compassion, and create an opening for children to express and connect with their parents.








    Time for PlayTime for Play

    This picture book follows a young child’s attempt to find a way to meet his need for play all day long. It concludes with mom and child finding ways they can adjust their routine to fit in some brief playtime in between regular activities. The book may help children connect with and express their own struggles, hopefully opening up dialog and creative collaboration to facilitate connection, mutual respect, and of course, more ways to play!