The Boniuk Foundation supports the development of innovative techniques geared towards educating young and adult populations, in hopes of producing universal tolerance, respect, and compassion among all individuals.

— Mission Statement
Laurie and Dr. Milton BoniukFounders

The Boniuk family has become known throughout The City of Houston for their commitment to philanthropy and vision for change. Their belief that the world can be made a better place in our lifetime guides the work of The Boniuk Foundation.

Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one's own beliefs. Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others.

— John F. Kennedy

Explaining Our mission

We believe that all religions, cultures, and ethnicities have a unique contribution to share with the world. As individuals become more connected, our goal is to ensure difference among individuals is celebrated and not feared. Thus, The Boniuk Foundation recognizes that while the realities of our modern world will inevitably bring us closer, the values of compassion, tolerance, and respect must be fought for to ensure a peaceful future. The business of bringing about universal tolerance is tough, but our modern approach gives us hope that real progress can happen in our lifetime.

Our mission beckons us to believe in a better tomorrow. Through strategic program development and partnerships with organizations that share in that belief, we seek to establish a new status quo in which diversity is cherished and compassion is valued.

Seeking Innovation

In a globally connected world, the task of achieving universal tolerance, respect, and compassion takes on new form. Whereas information dissemination in a fight against ignorance previously brought great gains to this sector, our modern challenge stands against a complex enemy of well-informed intolerance. As agents of hate have themselves developed more complex arguments against cultural diversity, we too must change our approach to pursue our mission. The Boniuk Foundation believes in finding innovative techniques that educate people in the new age of information sharing. We seek out projects that challenge convention and pursue new paths towards realizing change.

Measuring Success

Large-scale attitudinal change cannot happen overnight. When cosmic shifts do occur, however, we have an obligation to know how we got there. Our foundation is committed to investigating the methods that work by continually tracking success and sharing those results with network partners around the world. By clearly defining our goals and embedding evaluation mechanisms within all projects, we multiply the impacts of our work by the numbers of friends that surround us.